From the fraternity presidents


Halloween should create a very fun atmosphere around campus this weekend. Many can agree one of the best parts of this holiday is the creative costumes that are adorned by students on Friday and Saturday night.

 Over the past week, IFC chapters have discussed the significance of being creative and intelligent with costume attire. We firmly believe everyone on campus has the right to dress up and enjoy the holiday while also having one’s cultural, racial and/or sexual affiliations respected by any costumes.

We ask anyone participating in Halloween events this weekend to please carefully think about costume ideas and the message a costume can directly or indirectly send to others.  Please do not wear anything that may be offensive in any way to anybody.  Our request specifically refers to any costumes directly reinforcing negative stereotypes of a person or group.  We ask everyone to please dress in a manner that is respectful to all in order to continually work towards improving campus unity.

Please have a safe weekend.  We look forward to seeing the mindful, creative costumes worn by everyone.

Happy Halloween,

Daniel Mosbarger, President of Phi Kappa Psi

Cody Watson, President of Sigma Nu

Kevin Tolley, President of Alpha Tau Omega

Kyle Whistler, President of Delta Upsilon