Fourth incident of hate speech occurs


Another incident of hate speech occurred on the evening of October 30th, making it the 4th bias incident to happen this month, according to public safety logs.  

“I was walking down Hanna street at 6:45pm when I saw a car driving by in the opposite direction,” said sophomore Minkyo Park in an email.

“A white male with a baseball cap had the windows down in the passenger seat,” she said. “As he looked out the window and saw me, he shouted a string of words that started with ‘ch*ng ch*ng.’”

“Those words hit me in the gut,” continued Park. “My hands are still shaking from rage.”

Three other bias incidents occurred this month.

Last week, two separate incidents of hate speech occurred on the same day, according to an email from Myrna Hernandez, Dean of Students. The first included shouted racial and homophobic slurs that included the “n” word from a vehicle. The second bias incident was the “n” word written on the Humbert elevator.

Earlier this month, people in a red SUV shouted, “We hang black people around here f*****r, so you better watch out,” at first-year Christian Bradford.

All four cases are still under investigation.