Faculty vote "no confidence" in President McCoy

President McCoy introduces Hanson Robotics and Sophia the Robot BYRON MASON II

The faculty have voted that they have no confidence in President Mark McCoy. The vote was 83 members who voted “yes” in regards to having no confidence in McCoy, 64 faculty members voted to abstain, and 59 voted “no,” meaning that they do have confidence in the University president.    

The voting results were released this morning via an email from Faculty Chair Howard Brooks, and followed from the faculty vote of no confidence, which took place on e-Services from Nov. 14 until Nov. 19.  

In the same email, Brooks released information on the demographic of voters, saying that 206 of 266 eligible voters cast ballots, resulting in a 77 percent response rate.  

After listing the voting results, Brooks included his response to the matter and outlined his next steps.

Among other things, Brooks said that he will work with Vice President of Academic Affairs Anne Harris and Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee Chair Justin Christian to create more direct communication between the faculty and the Board of Trustees.

Ultimately, the Board of Trustees controls the hiring and firing of the president. Last week, the Board of Trustees sent a letter to the faculty stating their support for McCoy. 

Brooks also said he expects McCoy to stay true to his word to spare no effort in improving the faculty-administration relationship and to remain committed to getting the University to a better place.

In our world, time only moves forward,” Brooks said in the email. “We can never turn back time and correct mistakes that each of us has made. The time is now, and it is our time to work together for the common good.”

This story was updated at 6 p.m. on Nov. 20.