Editorial: Stay safe over break


After a rigorous beginning to the spring semester, it’s easy to see that a vast majority of DePauw students are ready for a break. Next week, spring break will be upon us, and the memorable times and relaxation it brings with it. That being said, we here at The DePauw would like to remind you to stay safe over spring break.

If drinking alcohol is part of your break, remember that it can very easily impair your judgement and actions. Alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents kill someone every 31 minutes, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Please, please do not drink and drive. Do not go out and drink if you don’t have a safe way back to where you are staying.

If you are going on a trip, make sure you’re prepared. As fun as out-of-the-blue road trips sound, you won’t be having fun if you don’t have anywhere to sleep at night. Know what’s happening en route and upon arrival at your destination, especially if you’re travelling out of the country.

Love may be in the air as well during your break, but with it comes the threat of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). By using condoms and limiting your number of partners, as well as making sure your partner is STD-free, you can drastically reduce your risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Those who experience both sexual and physical abuse are significantly more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases, according to the CDC. Take precautions and avoid situations or persons that may put you at risk.

While taking a break from all the stress of college can be fun, it is important to be able to have fun in moderation and to always be cautious, especially when you’re in risky situations. We here at The DePauw wish you a fun and safe break, as well as a productive end to your spring semester to come.