Editorial: Cheers, Jeers and Tears

Opinions, Mental Health
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Cheers to Friday night food trucks

Jeers to drunken nights without food

Tears to getting too drunk and texting people you shouldn’t


Cheers to Taco Wapo opening

Jeers to Charlie’s closing

Tears to Taphouse changing


Cheers to less first years being hospitalized

Jeers to Beta’s “dry” party

Tears to “It’s not alcoholism until you graduate”


Cheers to more diversity in Congress

Jeers to white supremacy

Tears to Kavanaugh’s confirmation


Cheers to student demonstrations

Jeers to tuition being raised

Tears to faculty and staff healthcare cuts


Cheers to cross country athletes at conference

Jeers to Wabash being obnoxious

Tears to not getting the bell back


Cheers to being home for the holidays

Jeers to the now freezing cold and snow

Tears to finals and final projects