DePauw to name International Student Services Coordinator after loss of Director of International Students


On Sept. 10th DePauw University will welcome Yoanna Sayili as the new International Student Services (ISS) coordinator due to Aliza Frame leaving her position as Director of International  Students this summer.

According to Myrna Hernandez, dean of students, during the first week in July, Aliza Frame gave notice to administration she would no longer serve in her position and gave her final day as July 24th.

While no one is taking the position as Director of International Students, Sayili begins her position as ISS coordinator effective September 10th and will shoulder many of the responsibilities of Aliza’s previous position. Until then, Sarah Pearson, a DePauw alumna, is serving as interim coordinator for ISS until January to aid in the transition.  

Rabia Daud, junior international student, is worried about the loss of Aliza. “Aliza was such a good resource for me and other international students. (She) not only helped with paperwork, but also questions about transitioning and daily life that no one else on campus has had the experience to really answer.”

Hernandez noted that this is not the only change coming for ISS. In addition to a new coordinator, there will be additionally staff trained and educated for approving visas and other types of paperwork that had additionally been exclusive to the director position

Daniela Chaparro, sophomore domestic student, thinks the relationship between the domestic and international community could use work. “I believe it is (currently) more or less a frail bond between international and domestic students in general,” Chaparro said. She hopes a change like this can begin to bridge the gap.