DePauw School of Music students chosen to perform at the White House


This December, 30 DePauw University School of Music students will be going to Washington, D.C.

The DePauw Jazz Combo, DePauw Chamber Singers, Asbury String Quartet and DePauw Cello Ensemble are traveling to Washington, D.C. to perform two hours of music each at the White House on Dec. 20.

The Dean of the  School of Music, Mark McCoy, sent in recordings of the student singers and musicians to the White House, which resulted in being chosen this week to perform.

 “He was actually extremely grateful and surprised that we got this gig because the White House only usually picks musicians of extremely high caliber, which is saying that DePauw has a really high caliber music school,” said junior Sara Blanton, member of the chamber singers.

Students will be leaving Dec. 19, the last day of final exams, so some had to reschedule with their professors. They are flying as opposed to bussing, which pleased students.

“We found out we’re taking a plane, instead of 11 hours on a bus, so that’s nice,” said sophomore Graeme Richmond, member of the Cello Ensemble.

Students are excited about the chance to perform at such a high profile event.

“Everyone’s just beyond thrilled,” Blanton said. “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”