DePauw dorm residents charged for collective damage


The freshman dorms are off yet again to a “banging” semester, and midterms have yet to make their appearance. DePauw's online biling service, CashNet, continues charging first-years for damage dealt to their dorms.  

These damages have not only promoted heated discussion and tension among first years, but they have created more work for Facilities Management, the resident assistants and the Area Coordinators. 

According to the DePauw activity report, on Sept. 21, the signs in south quad went missing. Stolen property, however, is not the only problem.

“Someone punched four holes in the wall in my hallway, and if no one comes forward our whole side of the floor is going to have to pay for it," said first-year Emma Flynn. “Of course I understand that it needs to be paid for, but considering I wasn’t even in the dorm when it happened, much less punched the wall, I really don’t want to have to pay for something I didn’t do.”

This is not a new issue; last year, especially during winter term, the first-year dorms endured quite a bit of damage. After winter term, an email went out from the Area Coordinator in Bishop Roberts to explain the cause of the charges, such as broken exit signs, stolen or broken furniture, broken doors, trashed common areas and excessive vomit clean-up.

While all of that happened during Winter Term, many residents were unaware of the damages until the spring semester had already started.

“I think that the destruction was allowed to go on too long before any repercussions occurred,” said sophomore, and previous Bishop Roberts resident, Vyvian Borse. “I feel like it could be handled better if there were prompt consequences.”

It appears that this year, the RAs and Area Coordinators have been quicker to respond.

“Our RA wrote a note next to the holes asking who did this and if no one fessed up we would all have to pay for it,” said Humbert resident Anna Abrahamson. The floor also received an email asking for any information about the damage from the residents.

When damage goes unreported, the cost of repair and extra hours for the Facilities Management team are split among the floor or building depending on the location of the infraction. Keeping the charges down for most students can be accomplished by reporting the individuals involved to your RAs, or anonymously by filling out a Silent Witness form.

Due to their involvement in Old Gold Weekend, Facilities Management was unable to provide a comment for this article.