Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition


October was filled with album releases from Jagwar Ma, Tycho, Solange and Kings of Leon, but the one that I’m playing on repeat is Danny Brown’s “Atrocity Exhibition.”

You won’t be hitting snooze after setting a track from this album as your alarm tone. Detroit rapper Danny Brown has maintained his impressive rhyming ability, incorporated surprising sounds, and collaborated to create an outstanding and addictive fifteen-track album, released Sept. 27 by Warp Records.

The LP, named after Joy Division’s song (and not so much after J.G. Ballard’s novel), is full of duality and energy. Unlike Tycho or Jagwar Ma, “Atrocity Exhibition” is not something I would recommend as a calming, peaceful study album. But, if you are interested in manically reorganizing your room, hosting an aggressive pre-game party, shotgunning a Mountain Dew, or running seven miles at a full sprint, the ball of energy that is “Atrocity Exhibition” should do the trick. This album is not a background-noise album. Listeners must go all-in by playing each track at the loudest possible volume to truly appreciate it.

Vocal collaborators on “Atrocity Exhibition” include Petite Noir, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt, Kelela, and B-Real. Sheldon Pierce of Pitchfork magazine describes the track “Really Doe,” produced by Black Milk and featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt, as a “track of reunions,” assembling Brown with three former collaborators plus Earl for an even darker flavor.

Consider tracks “Ain’t It Funny,” “Dance in the Water” and “When It Rain” for maximum doses of oomph. Be sure to tune into WGRE 91.5 on your radio, computer or phone to listen to (appropriate radio-edited) Danny Brown.