Cheers, tears and jeers: Fall 2014


Cheers to students standing up for social justice on our campus.

Tears to microaggressions happening on our campus. 

Jeers to everyone who thinks it isn’t an issue. 


Cheers that more sexual assaults are getting reported at DePauw. 

Tears that not every case gets reported. 

Jeers that justice often isn’t served. 


Cheers to more Title IX compliance.

Tears to losing the traditional flower-in. 

Jeers for only including Panhellenic and IFC in the conversation. 


Cheers to the best football season in years.

Tears to losing the Monon Bell again. 

Jeers to Wabash College.


Cheers to Jimmy Kimmel delivering an Ubben Lecture.

Tears to the first-year class never knowing a not-for-credit Winter Term.

Jeers to Yik Yak.


Cheers to kicking off a public capital campaign.

Tears (and coughs) to having mold in Hogate Hall.

Jeers to the campus still being under construction.