Friday, June 2, 2023

Ratings, arbitrary comments are no way to schedule courses

"Have you taken Professor X?!" "I heard from my roommate's ex-girlfriend's sister that he gives hard tests," and "Oh, I know someone who's had...

Vibrant Greencastle community means vibrant DePauw community

We might as well admit it. Greencastle isn't the most riveting city in America for a college student. Unlike many college towns, Greencastle isn't filled...

Photopinion: campus plan edition

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Pledge period deprives campus of fraternity men

Second semester is in full throttle. The snow is melting, the weather seems to be brightening up and spring is clearly on the way....

Letters to the editor

All we're asking for is a little respect Remember that time when you had to read 200 pages before tomorrow?  Or when you had a huge...

Letter to the Editor

Oppose upcoming legislation What are the responsibilities of a DePauw University student? Our daily routine often involves balancing academics, extracurricular activities and a social sphere....

Plan for the future, but don't skimp the details

Lightning illuminates the scene as a thunderstorm rages through a dark city. A windswept Ellen Page hangs from the edge of a skyscraper, shouting...


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Take 'Bachelor'-style love with a grain of salt

We would like to start by stating we are not bitter that we are not "The Bachelor." After long, tear-filled nights, it has become...

An hour on the 'creeper deck': my anthropological experience

My anthropology course, "Human Cultures" has inspired me to do some field research. I wanted to see DePauw's culture at a glance.  The Hub is...
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