Your DePauw 2022 Summer Rewind


With yet another summer winding down and another semester of school starting up, there are many tracks from the summer that will be on repeat as students adjust to new courses, new professors, and a seemingly new normal on campus. Though the summer may be gone, it is time to say goodbye to summer but not to forget what music summer 2022 bestowed upon us. Here is your DePauw 2022 Summer Rewind:


“Cardboard Box” by FLO

From their newest EP, “The Lead,” FLO’s “Cardboard Box” is the leading single. Released March 24, “Cardboard Box” was ahead of the curve for this summer rewind with its warm acoustics from the guitar in the beginning of the song to the warm voices of the trio and its upbeat R&B nature. With its catchy lyrics and blended harmonies from Renee Downer, Jorja Douglas, and Stella Quaresma, the track details the trio putting their ex-love interest’s belongings in a cardboard box after discovering his infidelity. Though this is a heavy topic to sing about, FLO makes the most of it and seamlessly secures the track’s spot as one of the many picks for the summer rewind.


“Disaster” by Conan Gray

From his sophomore album “Superache,” “Disaster” is one of Gray’s many indie-pop songs with reminiscence to his freshman album’s lead single “Maniac.” Released June 24, “Disaster” starts with a mellow and bouncy 80s styled beat and Gray “setting the scene” as he goes into detail about an eventual disastrous love story in the making. The track quickly picks up and includes long renditions of upbeat 80s styled beats throughout the song. While Gray emphasizes setting the scene, he manages to establish a tone for an early summer release and secure his spot on this summer rewind.


“Fallen Angel” by Ella Mai and “How” by Ella Mai featuring Roddy Rich

From her sophomore album “Heart On My Sleeve,” both “Fallen Angel” and “How” are two simple R&B picks in consideration for a summer rewind. Released May 6, “Fallen Angel” and “How” are the fifth and sixth tracks on her album and seamlessly lead into the next. 

Starting with “Fallen Angel,” Ella Mai views her love interest as a significant other who is too good to be true, hence calling him a fallen angel. The building melodies start off more lighthearted with a unique R&B maraca lapsed beat and continue throughout the song. The end of “Fallen Angel” is what makes the transition between itself and “How” unique. At the end of “Fallen Angel,” there is Kirk Franklin alongside his choir singing and chanting, “How could you switch up on me? Tell me how, can you tell me how?” 

Immediately, “How” begins with a more slow starting melody and then a hip-hop reminiscent beat. There is a clear shift from her once lovestruck nature to one of independence. These two no questions made the summer rewind from the flawless transition on Mai’s album and the beats to accompany it.


“THREAT” by Rex Orange County

Following his fourth studio album release, “THREAT” by Rex Orange County is one of the last picks to put an end to the summer rewind. Released Aug. 9, “THREAT” has a mellow beachy pop melody accompanied by upbeat lyrics from Rex Orange County. The single focuses on how Rex is concerned that another potential love interest could be a threat to him and his significant other. Rex hoping the other prospective interest is not a threat is repeated throughout the song. “THREAT” is a perfect wrap-up to bring students in from an exciting and eventful summer to a chill point to coast into their new semester as it comes in full swing.