Women in STEM


DePauw is ranked #5 among private universities for the most women to graduate in computer science, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. However, STEM is not only about computer science but many areas of science, technology, engineering and math. The DePauw community provides several opportunities for women interested in STEM. 

Jade Karas, a first-year student at DePauw whose intended majors are psychology and biochemistry, said, “People always mention gender equality in the science field in which female students are not confident that they are not as intelligent as male students. I appreciate the help of DePauw for women in the science field.” 

 In the spring of 2022, DePauw will offer a course for students to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be women in STEM titled UNIV 291A: How Science Got Women Wrong. The course focuses on the differences between men and women by discussing the scientific congruities. Each chapter of this course’s book will go through different aspects of women and men and the story behind them. 

Furthermore, the DePauw University Women in Science group was established in the spring of 1992 to create a supportive environment in which female science students can achieve their full potential. While they are supportive of women in the sciences, they are not exclusive to just women, everyone is invited to attend their events. 

On October 26, ACM-W (Women in Computing) had their first meeting for all students who identify as women and are interested in science subjects. “I recommend this program to all of my students, especially female students. Talking to other women in the STEM field can help you learn and create strong connections,” Khadija J. Stewart, a computer science professor, said.