Where to go Without a Car

The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics is located at 2961 W. County Road 225 S. (Tilly Marlatt/ The DePauw)

DePauw’s campus is situated between the surrounding nature and Greencastle Square, so Tigers have options for activities to enjoy their college life here. For students who have cars, it may be easier for them to get out of town anytime they like. But for those who do not have access to cars, such as many international students, there are several places for them to visit on foot or by bike. 

  1. The Prindle Institute for Ethics

The Prindle Institute welcomes everyone to their events with food trucks for students during orientation week. It takes approximately 12 minutes to bike from campus to this location. There, members of the DePauw community can enjoy nature and visit its many wooden houses. Prindle also has a library room for ethical research and reflection. 

“I have an internship with Prindle, so I went there weeks ago and realized how amazing this place is. I enjoy the small room there where I can talk with my friends while seeing nature. It is so peaceful so we can talk about everything,” first-year Ngan Tran said.

  1. Depauw Nature Park

The DePauw Nature Park boasts 520 acres of land and trails for walking, jogging, hiking or biking. Amalulu Welch, who has visited DePauw Nature Park, said, “It is as good as a state park as far as the quality of trails. It has hills and creekside. Pretty place and you can walk your dog on their leash. It also has a nature center and public bathroom.” The nature park is open every day for visitors.

  1. DePauw’s campus farm: 

The DePauw Ullem Campus Farm offers opportunities for students to engage in real-life experiences of sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly land use. Student interns and volunteers use organic practices to provide fresh and healthy produce for campus dining. A farming house is located near the greenhouse glass. Students had a bonfire party there during first-year orientation week.

“I usually go to the farming house to study there all day because it is so cozy and quiet so I can really focus on my studies,” junior Linh Nguyen said.

For those who are interested in biking, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) at DePauw usually celebrates the Bike Party that goes around the Putnam county courthouse on Fridays. Contact the CDI (cdi@depauw.edu) to participate in this program.

The CDI also provides students with rental bikes. Bikes may be checked out at the CDI for a 3-day, 5-day, or 7-day period by talking with a CDI employee during business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). The bikes must be returned to the CDI at the end of the rental period. Bikes not returned on time may be charged for the full replacement cost of the bike. Questions about the bike rental program can be directed to cdi@depauw.edu. 

Another option is to contact the Thrifty Tiger (thriftytiger@depauw.edu) which also has rental bikes for students. All of these rental processes are free unless damage is caused.