What's In Your Dorm Room?


As students congregate at DePauw from all around the world, their dorm room becomes their home away from home. The decorations chosen usually reflects their personality and interests. 

“I always keep my room simple, and I love having the flag of Cincinnati's football team, which I play for during my high school time,” Michael Boyd, a first-year student living in Longden, said. Boyd loves playing video games after practicing football, so he has the PS4 game station in his room and invites some friends there to enjoy their night together. 

DePauw's spirit in Michael's room.

Maia Casterline, a first-year student living in Jordan Hall, loves decorating her room. “I hang all of the paper puzzles I made on the wall,” she said. Casterline also loves animals, but sadly she can not have pets in her dorm such as cats and dogs, so she decided to buy a small fish tank and take care of it everyday. 

Maia Casterline's paper puzzles.

Compared to international students, domestic students can bring more stuff to their dorm such as refrigerators, televisions and microwaves. Rebecca Kluesner said, “My roommate is an international student, so she cannot bring everything to our dorm while I have almost all of the necessities and she is more than welcome to use my stuff.”

Rebecca Kluesner's furniture in her dorm to cook.

Roommates Abby Fathauer and Jade Karas shared, “We want our dorm to be our home and we talked with each other before coming to campus to bring a sofa, television, microwave, refrigerator and DePauw’s flag, which makes the room cozy.” 

Jade and Abby's TV, where they usually have a movie night with friends.

Dormitory lifestyle is an integral part of the college experience. As students decorate their rooms, they create their own DePauw home.