Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some crafts using newspapers to spread love all around!

  1. First are these adorable heart garlands
  • Start by folding your newspaper in half. Trace half of a heart shape on one side of the newspaper. Cut along the line. While keeping the half-heart folded together, cut a smaller version of the same shape inside the heart, leaving about an inch of a border. Once you have your heart, cut a single slit on one part of the heart. This will enable you to link the hearts together.
  • Make another heart following the same steps, and place the border within the previous heart’s slit. Take some tape and reseal the slit. Continue this process until you have your desired heart chain!
  • Start by cutting uniform strips from the sheet of newspaper. Then, fold the slip in half. Trace a heart near the bottom of the folded sheet (a stencil may be helpful here to ensure uniform hearts). Then use an exacto knife or scissors to cut a heart through both the top and bottom layer of the folded sheet. Tape the open end together, and slide the newspaper onto a string. Continue this process until you have achieved your desired garland

2) This craft is the perfect gift to show someone you love them! Simply take some newspaper, and cut various sized hearts out of it. You are also going to want to take individual letters out of the newspaper (words used in titles will work best due to their size). Then craft words together using the letters to make meaningful messages to those you love.