Unraveling the Family Knots: Netflix's "Mother of the Bride" Promises A Wedding Drama Extravaganza


When a daughter decides to marry the son of mom’s ex, an intriguing wedding drama unfolds in Netflix's upcoming rom-com, "Mother of the Bride," set to premiere on May 9. Directed by Mark Waters, known for hits like "Mean Girls" and "He's All That," and with a script by Robin Bernheim Burger, the mastermind behind "The Princess Switch" trilogy, the film promises to deliver laughter and love in equal measure.

The plot revolves around Lana (Brooke Shields), whose world is turned upside down when her daughter Emma (Miranda Cosgrove) returns from abroad with the news of her sudden wedding plans. To further complicate matters , Emma's chosen groom happens to be the son of Lana's former flame Will (Benjamin Bratt), adding a hefty dose of familial drama to the mix.

The ensemble cast is nothing short of stellar, featuring seasoned actors like Benjamin Bratt, Rachael Harris, and Chad Michael Murray, each bringing their own flair to the table. With Bratt portraying the role of Will, Shields as Lana, and Cosgrove as Emma, the chemistry between the characters promises to be electric.

Filmed in Thailand, the picturesque backdrop adds a layer of charm to the storyline, providing a visual feast for viewers. With a production budget of over $10 million, "Mother of the Bride" leaves no stone unturned in bringing the wedding extravaganza to life.

Set against the backdrop of Lana's complex journey of love, family, and second chances, "Mother of the Bride" promises a heartwarming tale that celebrates the bonds of family and the resilience of the human spirit. Mark your calendars for May 9, and get ready to witness the wedding of the year on Netflix.