Tigers Bring The Bell Home in the 128th Monon Classic

DePauw Tigers on the sidelines during Monon Bell Classic (Photo Courtesy of Layla Brown-Clark)

DePauw’s football team dominated Wabash in the 128th Monon Bell Classic last Saturday, marking DePauw’s 56th win in the history of the rivalry. The energy was palpable as students, alumni, and family members gathered in the parking lots surrounding Blackstock Stadium to celebrate, share food, and weather the cold before the game. Blackstock Stadium opened its gates at noon, and the stands soon filled with Tiger fans. At 1:07 p.m., former vice president and Class of 1981 alum Alan Hill performed the coin toss, which went to Wabash. 

Early into the first quarter, DePauw’s Gus Baumgartner ‘24 scored the first touchdown, followed by a punt by Joseph Sullivan ‘24 which brought the score to 7-0. The quarter continued with little progress for either side, until Wabash’s quarterback Liam Thompson fumbled the ball. DePauw linebacker Luke Marsh ‘25 recovered, putting DePauw back on offense. As the timer signaled the end of the first quarter, DePauw maintained its lead, keeping the score at 7-0. 

The second quarter began with DePauw on the offensive, as Baumgartner rushed the ball to Wabash’s 34 yard line in a first down carry. A pass from DePauw’s quarterback Wally Renie ‘23 to wide receiver Trey Shaw culminated in a touchdown, followed by a punt by Sullivan, bringing the score to 14-0. As the second quarter continued, Renie ran the ball up to Wabash’s five yard line before passing to wide receiver Gabe Quigley ‘24, who scored DePauw’s third touchdown. Yet another kick from Sullivan brought the score to 21-0, with DePauw in the lead. 

Almost immediately in the third quarter, DePauw’s Jake Comer ‘25 intercepted the ball and scored yet another touchdown. Following Sullivan’s punt, DePauw’s score rose to 28 points. Wabash was put on the offense, and quarterback Liam Thompson began to push toward DePauw’s end zone. Despite a strong attempt at defense by DePauw, Wabash’s Heisman Skeens caught a pass from Thompson and scored Wabash’s first touchdown. The following punt by Brigham Anderson brought the score to 28-7. 

As the third quarter continued, a punt by Jack Drake ‘23 rolled to the Wabash 10 yard line, where the offensive drive began. Wabash’s quarterback managed to push DePauw back to the 45 yard line, followed by a run by Wabash’s Derek Allen Jr., which brought the ball to DePauw’s 30 yard line. A strong defensive play by DePauw ended with a touchdown by DePauw linebacker Brevon Gude ‘24, followed by a punt, bringing the score to 35-7. In one of the final plays of the quarter, Wabash’s quarterback fumbled the ball, before recovering it at Wabash’s five yard line. By the end of the third quarter, the score remained 35-7, with DePauw in the lead. 

With DePauw more than 20 points ahead of Wabash at the beginning of the fourth quarter, fans of the Little Giants began to clear out. DePauw began its first drive of the quarter at Wabash’s 30 yard line, with Baumgartner pushing forward. A 24 yard pass from Renie to wide receiver Jaylon Smith ‘25 scored the Tigers yet another touchdown. Sullivan’s subsequent punt brought DePauw’s points up to 42, while Wabash remained at seven. With nine minutes left in the quarter, Wabash failed to complete three passes, giving Trey Shaw ‘23 an opportunity to score DePauw’s seventh and final touchdown of the game. Shaw’s touchdown, along with Sullivan’s following punt, brought the score to 49-7 and broke a Monon record for the most points scored by DePauw. With two minutes left in the quarter, Wabash’s Penn Stoller scored a final touchdown, bringing Wabash’s points up to 13. The subsequent punt brought the Little Giants up to 14 points, but it was far too late for a Wabash comeback.

In the final 30 seconds of the 128th Monon Classic, Wabash called a timeout as DePauw fans rushed the field. After a few moments of celebration, team members and referees ushered fans off of the field in order to allow for one final play. Once the field was cleared, Wabash and DePauw faced off in a short play, before DePauw fans once again rushed the field and DePauw was officially declared the winner of the 2022 Monon Bell Classic.

This story was updated on November 18, 2022.