Tiger of the Week: Larisa Luloff


The DePauw Women’s Golf team finished second in the Washington University Invitational behind senior Larisa Luloff’s second-place finish. She recorded a score of 144, including a second round score of 69, which was the best round of the tournament. She is this week’s Tiger of the Week.


TDP.) You finished second at the Washington University Invitational, highlighted by a second-round score of 69. What allowed you to be so effective, specifically in the second round?

LL.) Playing a course blind is always difficult. I used the first day to figure out the course and understand where it was easy to make mistakes, and also where I could take advantage of a short hole. The 69 the second day was a culmination of my confidence in my game and being more comfortable with the course than the day before.


TDP.) When did you begin playing golf?

LL.) I began playing golf when I was really young with my parents, but I did not start private lessons until seventh grade when I knew I might want to play in high school.


TDP.) When did you know you wanted to play golf in college?

LL.) I think it was about sophomore year [of high school] when I began thinking about college. Seeing teammates also going on to play also encouraged me. I knew that I didn’t want my senior year of high school to be my last year playing competitive golf.


TDP.) What would you consider to be the strongest part of your game?

LL.) I would definitely say my short game, meaning my wedges and putting. I have gained so much confidence in that part of my game. My 69 this week was not due to solid approach shots, but rather being able to scramble well when I made a mistake. Mentally, I did not panic but rather took it one shot at a time.


TDP.) What are your goals for the season, individually and as a team?

LL.) Our goal as a team is to make it to nationals and place this year, if not win the whole thing. We are currently ranked sixth in the nation and feel we have a good chance. Individually, I want to win our conference tournament this spring and keep my number -1 ranking going into nationals. At nationals, I’d like to finish in the top 10.