Tiger of the Week: Josi Hair


This week’s Tiger of the Week features Josi Hair, a rising pitcher on the DePauw’s Softball team. She is a first-year from Mooresville, Indiana, intending to major in biochemistry. As the softball team dives into the season this March, Josi's interview with The DePauw offers an engaging glimpse into the life of a student-athlete, shedding light on the highs and lows of the tournament season.

The DePauw: When did you start playing softball? How did your love for softball grow?

Josi Hair: 

Softball has been an integral part of my life since the age of three. Coming from a family where the love for the sport runs deep, I was introduced to it by my grandparents and parents who all shared a passion for softball. By the time I turned six, I was already competing in travel ball leagues, with my dad as my coach. Throughout high school, softball remained a constant presence, shaping my identity. It was my dedication to the sport that eventually led to a scholarship opportunity at DePauw University, where I continue to pursue my passion for softball while furthering my education.

TDP:  How are you feeling about your softball season so far? 

JH: I'm feeling really positive about our softball season so far. It's been incredibly fun and rewarding to be out on the field with such a supportive team. The encouragement from everyone has made it feel like a safe and welcoming space, almost like an escape from the pressures of school and work. Of course, there are moments of stress, especially when we're keeping track of stats and performance, but, overall, when we're out there playing, it's pure enjoyment. Softball has been a source of joy and relaxation for me, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic team.

TDP: Are there any professional athletes you admire? 

JH: Yes, there are definitely professional athletes whom I admire. Two pitchers who I particularly admire are Monica Abbott and Jenny Finch. Their incredible talent and dedication to their sport have been truly inspiring. Both Monica and Jenny have had remarkable careers, and they competed in the Olympics.

TDP: What's your strategy to maintain a balance in work-study and social life during the season? 

JH: Balancing work-study and social life during the season can be challenging, but I've developed a strategy to help manage it effectively. Firstly, I prioritize staying organized and managing my time efficiently. This often means staying up late to ensure that I get my work done after practices or games. Additionally, I make use of the time between classes to socialize and make connections, maximizing every opportunity to maintain a well-balanced social life. However, I do sometimes struggle with schoolwork, especially when the demands of the season increase. The mental strain of juggling academics, athletics, and social commitments can sometimes be overwhelming. 

TDP: What are your individual and team goals for the season? 

JH: My individual goal for the season is to perhaps earn the title of "athlete of the week" or secure a spot in the all-star game. These achievements would not only highlight my personal growth and performance but also contribute to the overall success of the team. As for our team goal, our ultimate aim is to make it to the NCAA tournament. With three weeks already underway, we're focused and determined to give our all in pursuit of these goals and make this season one to remember.

TDP: What other events are you looking forward to this semester? 

JH: Aside from softball, there are several things I'm looking forward to this semester. Firstly, I have only recently been involved in Greek life on campus, so I'm so excited about getting more involved in the house's activities and getting to know all of my new sisters. Additionally, I'm focused on exploring internship opportunities for the summer. Finding the right internship will not only provide valuable experience but also help me further my career goals. Overall, I'm eager to embrace all the opportunities and experiences that this semester has to offer, both in and outside of the softball field.

A big thank you to Josi Hair for sharing her insights with The DePauw and its readers. As the softball season heats up with challenging matches ahead, we're rooting for Josi and her team to achieve their goals and deliver stellar performances. To all student-athletes, may you strike the perfect balance between sports, studies, and social life. Keep an eye out for the team's upcoming home game in early April!