Tiger of the Week: Emma Flynn


First-year women's lacrosse
player Emma Flynn. 

DePauw University’s women’s lacrosse program is in the middle of its first prolonged period of success. Only in its third season as a varsity sport, the team is holding onto a 5-5 record and is 1-2 in North Coast Athletic Conference play. A major reason for this success has been the play of first-year Emma Flynn. In her first year at DePauw Flynn has 28 goals in just 10 games, including 6 in the Tigers’ 24-8 win over Illinois Wesleyan University. That marked the second time this season that Flynn scored six goals in the game, as she did it in her second game with the Tigers, a 21-2 victory over Trine University. We sat down with Flynn to discuss her impressive freshman season with the Tigers.

The DePauw (TDP): I know you weren't here for the first few years of the program's history, but what does it mean to you to be a part of the first DePauw lacrosse team to have some success?

Emma Flynn (EF): I think the team is really excited that this season has been going so well and we’re having so much fun sharing in the successes together. I think last year we only won a few games so I know its so exciting for myself and the rest of the team to see our hard work paying off. I love getting to put on that uniform and play with my team every week knowing we have the skills to give any team a run for their money.

TDP: How have you been able to adjust to the increased speed of the college game?

EF: I played in a really fast-paced and competitive conference in high school, so it wasn’t as big of a transition as I thought it would be, but the speed and intensity is definitely on a whole other level. I love the competition in the NCAC and the way that the college game flows. It’s quick and high scoring, which makes for great games week after week.

TDP: How would you judge your performance so far this season?

EF: I’m pretty happy with my performance this season, and have gained confidence coming onto the college scene and have accomplished a lot of personal goals I had for myself. I know however, that I have so many things to work on and want to keep getting better every practice and every game. I love seeing my hard work paying off in my play but I know I have so much more work to do.

TDP: With five of your six remaining opponents coming inside the conference, what do you guys have to do to finish the season strong?

EF: We just have to keep our energy up. The teams remaining in our conference are very veteran and skilled teams, but if we really keep up our intensity and finish the season strong we can absolutely end our season on a high note and continue to play our game.