Tiger of the Week: Elizabeth Seewer


 Tiger of the Week: Elizabeth Seewer

 Sport: Soccer

 Position: Forward

 Year: Junior

 Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

 After tallying two assists in DePauw’s win against Kalamazoo last weekend, Seewer came up big again by leading the Tigers to          another victory Wednesday evening at Franklin, where she netted her first two goals of the season. Yesterday, The DePauw was       able to sit down with Seewer to discuss the game and what she feels is special about this year’s team.

While getting the win is always what’s most important at the end of the day, how was it to be able to have such a huge impact in the game? It just feels awesome overall just because of how much work personally I put in over the summer in training so hard and then going into preseason and keeping a certain focus. It’s hard to explain, but it’s awesome. I’ve put in so much work so it’s good to see a result and to show that it plays off.

What kind of training did you do over the summer? I ran a lot. I ran like six or seven miles a day. I also worked at a summer camp, [and] I’d get a two-hour break every day. I spent [it] running. That’s the only break I got so I used it wisely. 

Even though it’s just one game, your two goals already have you on track to break your season total from each of the past two seasons. How have you personally felt different as a junior? I definitely feel more confident overall just because I’m higher up on the totem poll I guess you can say, so it’s easier to go in as a junior [knowing] you have to set an example for the underclassmen, and knowing that next year will be my last and just to put it all out there.

While the team still isn’t above .500, you’re a lot better off than you were last year at this point in the season. Do you feel the team’s changed? Absolutely. I feel that we’re on track to make such an impact this season. Just overall, the connections on and off the field are amazing. We’re all friends with each other off the field. We hang out with each other.  I just feel like in the previous years there have been other tensions with cliques and stuff… I think off-the-field atmosphere contributes a ton to on-the-field. We just look like a completely different team on the field.

As a junior, you’ve seen both a winning team and a losing team during your time at DePauw. What does this season mean for you? I think it’s just knowing that we have such a huge potential, and that if we’re going to go to the NCAAs, this would be the year to do it. And knowing that the year before I came in, they made it to the NCAAs, and then my freshman year we made it to Conference and then last year we didn’t make it to Conference, we kind of took a backwards step, so hopefully this year we’ll take a forward [one]. I’m excited to see where [the season] takes us.