Tiger of the Week


After scoring both goals in DePauw’s 2-0 win over the Oberlin College Yeowomen on Oct. 18, sophomore forward Elizabeth Seewer is our Tiger of the Week. Seewer has stood out this season, leading a team that at times has struggled to find the back of the net with five goals. Not only did those two goals help lift DePauw to a victory that kept their season alive. With one game remaining in the regular season against Denison University, the Tigers sit just one point behind Wittenberg University for the final spot in the North Coast Athletic Conference tournament. Kickoff for the women’s crucial final match against the Big Red is scheduled for noon on Saturday.

The Depauw (TDP): When you were going through the recruiting process, what about DePauw stood out to you?

Elizabeth Seewer (ES): The size, greek life, and soccer program here at DePauw really sparked my interest in the school. When I visited I had the time of my life and I met so many friendly people. Everyone at this school is so friendly and will talk to you whether they know you or not.

TDP: On a team that has struggled to score goals so far this season, what have you and the rest of the forwards done to try and get the offense going a little bit?

ES: It takes time and patience to try and score goals. Towards the end of the season we're starting to figure it out. At the beginning of the season we were trying to force every pass we saw up to the forwards, but now we have become more patient and that has allowed us to score goals. Another thing that has changed is determination. I think it's starting to hit everyone that we may not make it to the tournament; that makes people determined and they will run the extra mile to make sure they get to a ball or that the other team doesn't score.

TDP: You guys didn't get off to the best of starts this year, but what does it say about this group that you still have something left to play for at the end of the season?

ES: It says that we have heart. Even though we didn't start off well, we didn't keep our heads down. We put that in the past and told ourselves that all of this is happening for a reason. We are going to be rewarded in the end and I really hope that reward is going to the NCAC and then the NCAAs. We have come out with more determination and more heart every single game.

TDP: When the way into the playoffs lays in the hands of other games, what do you guys do to stay focused on the task at hand?

ES: Well it's in our hands still too. We have to win this Saturday against Denison and then Wittenburg also has to lose to Allegheny Saturday. We both play at the same time so basically we won't know until after our game if we move on or not, which is kind of scary. I think it will be for the better however, because it will make us have more will and desire to win this game. We want this so badly and it's not just one or two people, it's the whole team that wants it no matter what role they have on the team. That's what makes our team so special, that's what makes it DePauw.