Tiger of the Season - Elizabeth Seewer


Elizabeth Seewer

Despite winning only five games all season, DePauw’s women’s soccer team had a chance to move on to postseason play on the final day of the regular season. Unfortunately for the Tigers, it didn’t materialize for them, however, sophomore Elizabeth Seewer did her best to help the Tigers move on. On a team that only scored 14 goals all season and averaged less than one per game, Seewer shined netting five scores of her own. There’s no denying that the Tigers stook a step back this year as they won 10 games last season and qualified for the North Coast Athletic Conference tournament, however, if they have any hope of getting back to their winning ways in 2015, Seewer should play a big role.


The DePauw (TDP): You guys only won five games all season, yet you still had a chance on the last day of the regular season to advance to the conference tournament. What does that say about the mental makeup of this years team?

Elizabeth Seewer (ES): This says that we have the determination and team strength to continue on to bigger challenges no matter what the results turn out to be. We were faced with outcomes that we didn't like, but we kept believing that the losses were happening for a reason and that it would pay off in the end.


TDP: How do you feel you personally played this year?

ES: Personally I felt that I played well; but like any athlete would say, there's always room for improvement. I changed positions half way through the season and adjusted better than I thought I would. I didn't accomplish all of the things I wanted to, but I checked quite a few things off my list.


TDP: It looks like you guys had some real issues offensively this year, however, there wasn't a shortage of opportunities. What do you guys have to fix to start converting them in the future?

ES: Our biggest thing we are going to have to focus on for the future is our patience. We need to be patient and believe that an opportunity will arise offensively. I'm very confident that we learned many things from this season and we will hopefully transition them directly into the next  — our offense will be the best it has ever been.


TDP: How did the transition go this year from Coach Carter to Coach McCormick?

ES: The transition went extremely well. The team was sad to see Coach Carter leave, but were happy to see something new. Coach McCormick brought a new perspective to our team this year and a new style of play. I think the things that Coach McCormick will bring to the table will do big things for the soccer program here at DePauw.


TDP: In her first year as the head coach of this program, how have you seen Coach McCormick grow?

ES: Coach McCormick has done very well with stepping up into her new role as head coach. I don't think people give her as much credit as she should get, being a head coach is way more difficult than being an assistant. She has done amazing things for this program already and made many beneficial changes. I have nothing but good things to say about her and I absolutely cannot wait to see what my last two seasons are like with McCormick as head coach.