Tiger of the Season - Alieu Musa


Alieu Musa

Looking at the season’s final statistics, no goals and only one assist doesn’t doesn’t really stand out for junior Alieu Musa. However, he played quite an important role for the Tigers in 2014 as the team’s central defender. After appearing in 20 games in his first year in Greencastle, Musa’s offensive numbers exploded in 2013 as he scored five goals and recorded two assists. His five goals on only nine shots attempted meant Musa scored on almost 41 percent of his shot on goal. This season, although the team was knocked out in the first round of the North Coast Athletic Conference tournament and failed to make the NCAA tournament, Musa routinely shut down opponents top scoring threats. We’ll see if Musa returns to his offensive strengths or if he continues to anchor the DePauw back line when the Tigers return to the field in 2015.



The DePauw (TDP): Seemed like whoever you were marking had a tough time making any offensive impact. Were you pleased with your play this season?

Alieu Musa (AM): For the most part I was pleased with my play but there were times when I had off moments  Chris Schoenfeld and Brandon Johnson had my back. I was a little disappointed that I was not able to be part of the attack more this season.


TDP: What sort of scouting goes into the team's preparation for every game?

AM: Usually before games we get to find out who we're marking and an estimate of their skill levels to know what we're up against. We're also told what the keys to the game are that would give us a better chance of victory.


TDP: Is it fair to say that this season was somewhat of a disappointment for you and the rest of the team?

AM: I think as a team we were definitely disappointed with our season. We know we could have done much better and gotten a lot further. Unfortunately our season was cut too short.


TDP: This is now back-to-back years were you guys have lost two games to rival Ohio Wesleyan. What do you have to do to play better against them next year?

AM: We just have to outwork them. We match their talent levels. The only advantage they have is the mental edge that they will outwork and outcompete us for every ball and play.


TDP: How confident are you guys that you can make a turnaround next year?

AM: I'm very confident that we will make a turnaround next year because everyone knows that we are better than what we showed and we will all work hard in the offseason to prove it next year.