Dear Zoe, how do you prepare for the beginning of a semester, especially when trying to save on textbooks? - Abby

Hi Abby! I always start my prep by making tons of lists. I’ll make lists for everything from what to pack/buy, to which restaurants I want to hit before going back to “The Castle” (our lovely Greencastle). Part of my list-making includes noting which books I will need to get for my classes. Textbooks can really break the bank, so I recommend cross-referencing between Eli’s Bookstore in downtown Greencastle and other sites like Amazon. Typically there will be different options like digital vs. physical and used vs. unused. Whatever fits your needs most is your best option for sure. Personally, I prefer digital books so I can have access to them across different platforms. Asking around to see if other people have copies of textbooks is also a great idea. While getting ready for the semester can be really stressful, make sure you get enough sleep. Packing and moving is exhausting, and I know I always get very irritable. Finally, as important as preparing for the semester is, don’t forget to soak in every last moment of summer! Spend time with friends or family doing your favorite activities. If you need me, I’ll be at the pool for sure.

Dear Zoe, how did you find a sense of belonging and empowerment at DePauw? - Quantum

Hi Quantum! This is a great question. Finding where you fit in at a brand new place can be really challenging. The best thing I did was join clubs and get involved on campus. At DePauw I am a cheerleader, Vice President of La Fuerza Latina, and part of Alpha Chi Omega. When you join a group on campus you instantly have a solid support group. These groups will introduce you to people similar and different from you. It might be intimidating to try out for a club or meet new people at first, but once you show up and do your best it’ll usually be a great experience. A great place to start is the Activities Fair during orientation week. Say yes to everything and sign up! All of the clubs I joined at DePauw have helped me create new relationships that are uplifting and supportive. The people I’ve met through cheer, La Fuerza, and Alpha Chi give me a safe space to be myself 100%.