The power of print: putting your voice on the page


We will publish any letter to the editor that we receive.
Our only caveats are that it must 350 words or less, and be in prior to 4 p.m. on Monday or Thursday night.
We would like to remind our readers of the power this newspaper has to spark conversation. The space designated for letters to the editor is a space for your voice and your discussions. The DePauw is here to provide information, but not necessarily in a one-way stream. Please use it as your platrform.
These pages made the students' views tangible and accessible to the DePauw community. The people who possess the courage to not only have an opinion, but to put it into writing are ultimately what spark conversation. This is exactly why the letter to the editor policy exists.
One student responded to the opinion of his peer. Reactions erupted in the form of social media comments, protests and sit-down discussions. What we as a guest editorial board find most important about this situation is that these conversations happened.
Let us also clarify that our function as a newspaper is not to be gossip mongers, nor to cause controversy (though we will not avoid controversy should it arise), nor do we seek to sensationalize. We are here to inform. We are here to do more good than harm. We are here to provide a consistent space for people to share their opinions and experiences. We are here to start conversations.
We can't guarantee that everyone will care about the words printed on these pages, but that's not to say that our community as a whole doesn't care. Notice the outpouring of letters in this issue.
You may not agree with the words printed here, but you can't deny that this paper is a vehicle for change.