The Future of the Hoover Gates


In the bitter climate, the Hoover Gate archway remains vacant on the Anderson Street entrance. Despite the gates' highly anticipated reveal, their clashing contemporary vibe prompted their removal after two weeks.
The removal process took just a few hours and was completed by DePauw Facilities Management just after Winter Term. According to Robert Harper, assistant director of Facilities Management on DePauw's grounds, the gates currently reside in a large storage facility off campus. They will remain at this location until further notice.
 The barren archway sparked concerns amongst some students.
 Junior Courtney Bowers, who resides on Anderson Street, said she felt the gates completed the street's overall appearance.
  "I was upset when the gates were taken down, because I felt like nobody really had the chance to look at them and really get used to them," Bowers said.
   The change on this picturesque street has been a cause of uncertainty for some within the DePauw community. Rumors surrounding the gates' looming financial burden, which Christopher Wells, DePauw's vice president of communication and strategic initiatives, tried to subdue.
"All costs associated with this project were covered by gifts," Wells said in an email. "Students are not paying anything for them, nor are funds being taken away from anything else on campus."
  Despite the current vacancy, the administration remains optimistic.
Wells noted that the Hoover family and DePauw administration are currently investigating new gate plans in hopes of preserving DePauw's welcoming atmosphere.