The DePauw's top summer playlist


Whether it is poolside, traveling Europe, or camping under the stars, a summer adventure isn’t complete without its own sound track.

Deny it as much as you will, there’s probably a playlist on your iTunes side bar right now titled, “Summer 2014.”  With the end of summer just around the corner, you’ve probably had it on repeat because the songs hold more than music- they hold memories.

While most of us were counting down the days to return to DePauw, no one wants the sand and the sun to end, so sit back, relax, and let these songs take you back to those long summer nights.

1) Fancy- Iggy Azalea

The Australian hip-hop sensation hit the charts this summer, and she hit them hard. With three songs already on the Billboard Top 100, Azalea’s debut was a surefire success. This single, the first from her debut album, The New Classic, features a unique electro-pop vibe. Azalea’s sound is definitely something out of the ordinary, so it’s not a surprise that she is starting to get called “the new Miley” by the music industry.

2) Rude- MAGIC!

            If you listened to the radio this summer, chances are you got in the car, turned it on, and this song was playing. Rude quickly became a summer hit at the beginning of June, and radio stations would be playing the tune at the top of every hour. MAGIC! Is a Canadian reggae fusion band, a genre we don’t typically tend to see on the charts, but that seems to add to it’s addictive nature. The melody is a sound so different from the everyday pop songs, that you can’t help but blast it and bob your head to the music.

3) Happy- Pharrell Williams

            This is the song you want to hate, but when it comes on the radio it you can’t help but sing the lyrics. Then for the next hour you’re still humming the chorus, but all you want is for it to stop. If you thought Rude was overplayed, then your ears probably bled when this song started playing on the radio. Regardless, the song is also the sound track to Despicable Me 2 and it’s hard to stay mad when you think about how cute the minions are when they dance to this.

4) Problem- Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea

            This pop princess is swiftly rising into stardom and she can’t be stopped.  Within the past year, the Florida native went from Nickelodeon child star to multi platinum music artist. Problem is one of the many singles Grande released this summer that went viral. The single is noted for having a throwback type of tone, mimicking music from the 90’s. Take Grande’s powerhouse belts, throw in Iggy Azalea rapping, and you’ve got yourself a Grammy.

5) Beachin’- Jake Owen

            A summer playlist wouldn’t be complete without a country song, after all the song is called Beachin’. This particular tune is a change of pace for Owen because it also incorporates a rap element. Most people would think that country and rap wouldn’t mix very well, but after hearing this song they will think otherwise. Besides, what’s a summer adventure without stepping outside of your comfort zone?