The DePauw Student Government Results Are in After Postponement


The 2019-2020 student body President and Vice President are Summer Pappachen and Christian Rodriguez.

The inauguration will take place Sunday, May 5th at 7pm.

The DePauw Student government election results are in after being postponed until Thursday, May 2nd due to complaints filed against candidates running for student body president and vice president.

The candidates running this year for president and vice president were Summer Pappachen and Christian Rodriguez, and Kaleb Anderson and Kobby Van Dyck, with Summer and Christian securing the position as president and vice president.

According to an email sent out by Student Body President Marianne Martinez, there were three complaints in regards to the fairness of the election. Martinez said, “The first complaint was related to early campaigning. The second complaint was related to two issues: a conversation between the candidates and negative campaigning. The third complaint was related to negative campaigning and statements made on the WGRE DePaulawtics Podcast.”

Following these complaints, an elections committee was formed, as well as an Ad-hoc committee. Ad-hoc put forward recommendations in regards to the complaints and solutions which Martinez then took into consideration when making her final decision.

The candidates were then offered an opportunity to appeal the decision. Martinez said, “The appeals committee looked at the process at both the detailed level of individual actions (of candidates and DSG committees and positions) as well as from a holistic perspective. This included reviewing concrete information from the election process along with considering concepts related to free and open elections.”

Neither Pappachen or Anderson were available to sit down to comment on the results prior to this article being written

The results of the Spring 2019 DSG Elections are as follows:

President and Vice President
President Summer Pappachen & Vice President Christian Rodriguez 508 votes; 66.05%
President Kaleb Anderson & Vice President Kobby Van Dyke 261votes; 33.94%

Vice President of Student Life - Sam VanderVeen

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Kayla Sullivan

Vice President of Allocations - Antoinette Gibson

Vice President of University Committees - Summer Asad

Vice President of Community Relations - Maria Flores

Director of Public Relations - Jacob Correa

Executive Secretary - Whitney Weinschenk
Graduate Member of the Board of Trustees - Anna Muñoz
Senior Senator - Paulette Parra

Junior Senator - Mariah De la Fuente, Angela Xinye Yang

Sophomore Senator (5 positions)
Yong Heo, Cedrick Chandler, Jacob Sipes, , Olivia Storzand Joanna Berry