Testing Requirements Prior to Campus Arrival

Image via DePauw University

DePauw University confirmed that all students must receive COVID-19 vaccines for the Fall 2021 semester in an email sent by Stevie Baker-Watson, Associate Vice President for Campus Wellness, on June 4. Taking fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated students into account, DePauw’s Campus Restart Team released requirements regarding return-to-campus testing for students in an email sent on July 8, in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

For unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students, it is required to complete Return-to Campus-Testing. This consists of three tests-- one PCR or antigen test taken one to three days prior to campus arrival that is at the student’s expense, another test taken upon campus arrival that is covered by DePauw and a final test taken three to five days after campus arrival that is also covered by DePauw. Additionally, these students will be asked to complete a seven-day transition period which begins the day after arrival and ends seven days later. Students will be expected to wear a mask, maintain six feet of social-distancing, monitor their own health and report a record of their daily symptoms to DePauw during this time period. These students are not allowed to “dine in” at Hoover Dining Hall, and should pick up meals from Hoover to consume outside or in personal residence spaces, all while maintaining six feet of social distancing. These students may also not participate in indoor, in-person group activities, but only outdoor in-person activities. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students who wish to arrive on campus at an earlier date that allows for the completion of the seven-day transition prior to the start of classes should complete this Google form by August 1. The earliest a student can arrive to complete this transition period is August 13.

For fully vaccinated international students, it is required to complete testing heeding CDC guidelines for vaccinated international travel. This includes two tests-- one that is required by the airlines to travel to the US taken one to three days prior to arrival and is at the student’s expense, and a final test taken on campus three to five days after arrival that is covered by DePauw. 

For fully vaccinated domestic students, testing is not required, neither is abiding to the seven-day transition period.  

Students must submit their COVID-19 vaccine documentation by Aug. 1. New first-year and transfer students should use their Med+Procter portals and returning students should use this Google form.

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Additionally, the email confirmed approved arrival dates for all student groups, including points of contact. See the calendar below.