Most of us know by now that life at college can be difficult. From roommate troubles to failing the first test of the semester to feeling unsupported, every DePauw student has struggled at some point in their academic career. The good news is that we don’t have to struggle alone! DePauw offers plenty of university- and student-led resources to students at little or no cost. Read on to learn more about a few of the resources available to you throughout your time at DePauw (in no particular order). 

The Women’s Center

Dedicated in 2004, DePauw’s university-owned Women’s Center serves as a safe space for womxn on campus. Open to students from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, the Women’s Center offers a full kitchen, a cozy living room, and a safe room for those in need. The building is also fully stocked with free hygiene items, menstrual products, and STD-prevention tools, such as condoms and dental dams. Most importantly, the Women’s Center offers help and resources to survivors of sexual assault and harassment, including Her Story, a weekly support group for survivors of sexual assault, violence, stalking, etc. The Women’s Center is located at 306 East Hanna Street, behind Alpha Phi and across from Rector Village. For information on events and support groups, follow the Women’s Center on Instagram @dpu_womenscenter.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

As one of DePauw’s most recent centers on campus, the Justin and Dianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion was dedicated in 2017 to support DePauw students of color and improve the African American Student Association’s diversity efforts on campus. The CDI serves as a safe space for students of color and for conducting cultural events. The building offers a full kitchen, a library, and several study and meeting spaces. Students and student-led organizations can reserve these spaces for meetings, study sessions, cooking, or events. The upper floor also houses the Multicultural Student Services and International Student Affairs offices. Outdoors, students can make use of the CDI’s basketball court and patio. Students have access to the CDI from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight), and office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The CDI is located at 5 West Hanna Street. Follow their Instagram @cdi_depauw for more information about events and support. 

Center for Spiritual Life 

Nestled on the northern side of campus, the Center for Spiritual Life supports students from many different religious backgrounds –– including (but not limited to) Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Hindu students. The Center for Spiritual Life, located in Bartlett House at 411 E Seminary St., features several prayer rooms for different religions, a full kitchen, and plenty of spaces for discussion or quiet studying. Outside is a garden/lawn space that is perfect for quiet meditation or fun with friends. Students can also access the Bartlett Reflection Center (located at the Prindle Institute for Ethics) to meditate and pray while surrounded by nature. The Bartlett Center for Spiritual Life is open to students everyday from 6 a.m. to midnight. You can also follow the Center on Instagram @depauwspirituallife. Be sure to stop by to learn more about religious resources on campus, find a place of worship, and connect with others!

Student Accessibility Services 

DePauw’s Student Accessibility Services team helps make campus life and academics more accessible for students with disabilities. Whether you have a physical or mental disability, Student Accessibility Services can help you access the resources you need to do well at DePauw. Some of these resources include extended time on tests, approval of service or emotional support animals, and more! To get help or to learn more about the accommodations process, visit this link or email Having access to the appropriate accommodations is essential to your success academically, and more importantly, to your health and safety. So don’t hesitate to reach out for help!

DePauw Health and DePauw Counseling Services

Living in communal spaces and interacting with many new people often causes students to catch viruses and illnesses. As the semester begins and assignments pile up, it’s important to stay on top of your health! Thankfully, DePauw’s Health Services is located right on campus, and treatment is often free or at low cost for students. DePauw Health offers a wide range of health services to students, including STD screenings, COVID tests, and more. To learn more about setting up an appointment, visit this link or call 765-658-4555.

Like physical health, mental health plays an important role in your wellbeing and happiness. College life and academics can be extremely stressful, especially in your first year, when you are still adjusting to life at DePauw. Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are real, treatable issues that many DePauw students have struggled with. Through DePauw Health, students can access counseling services to treat and manage the symptoms of these illnesses. Therapy can be an important part of a healthy life, and there is nothing wrong with struggling! Call 765-658-4268 to set up an appointment, and learn more about Counseling Services at this link.

Housing and Residence Life & Facilities Management

DePauw’s Housing and Residence Life (HRL) office, located on the first floor of Reese Hall, is the perfect place to go if you have issues or questions about DePauw housing. While students are encouraged to go to their resident assistant (RA) with roommate concerns or other personal issues, the HRL is a great resource to turn to for larger concerns. For instance, if an issue concerns the whole dorm building, and not just one floor, HRL may be able to help. If you’re unsure if you should reach out to HRL, talk to your RA for help or email HRL at

For more technical issues, such as a shower that doesn’t work or a broken HVAC system, students can reach out to Facilities Management for help. Facilities Management (often called “Facilities” by students) keeps campus buildings and outdoor spaces in working order. If you notice something is broken or not working correctly in a dorm or academic building, you can submit a facilities complaint through DePauw’s E-Services. To do this, log into your E-Services account and scroll through the left hand column until you see the “Facilities Management” tab. Select this tab and then click “Submit Request.” Then fill out the request form with all necessary information. If you have any concerns or questions about Facilities, email them at 

Student Housing Action Committee

Formed in the 2022-2023 school year by class of 2025 students Maya La Croix and Jade Karas, the Student Housing Action Committee (SHAC) is a student-led organization dedicated to giving students a voice in DePauw’s housing upkeep and experience. SHAC allows students to submit complaints, concerns, and requests through Google forms located on their Instagram, which are then shared with campus administrators. Through this process, SHAC gives students the opportunity to be heard by administration regarding their housing concerns and needs. To learn more about what SHAC does and to submit a report, follow them on Instagram @dpushac. 

The Learning Commons 

Previously known as the Academic Resource Center, the Learning Commons is the perfect resource for those needing academic support. Featuring a Writing Center (W center), a Quantitative Reasoning Center (Q center), and a Speaking and Listening Center (S Center), the Learning Commons is staffed by trained student tutors who can help you succeed in essays, math classes, and more! The W Center is specifically designed to help students with outlining, writing, and revising essays and research papers. The Q Center helps students with math problems and other STEM-related homework topics. Lastly, the S Center aids students in planning, creating, and practicing different forms of presentations and public speaking. Together, these three centers serve as a great resource for those needing academic assistance! To schedule an appointment at any of the centers, go to and log in with your DePauw username and password. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Learning Commons, go to

The CARE Team 

It’s often difficult to know how to help a friend or classmate that may be struggling with mental health, self-harm, suicidal ideation, addiction, or similar concerns. If you ever feel that a peer at DePauw is in danger of harming themself or others, it may be time to reach out to DePauw’s CARE team. CARE (which stands for Concern, Assessment, Response, and Evaluation) serves students by offering them an anonymous way to report concerns about another student, while also supporting students in crisis. Once the CARE team receives a report, they will reach out to the struggling student with resources and aid. To submit a CARE report, go to For emergencies, call 911 or DePauw Public Safety at 765-658-5555. 

DePauw Police & 911

For either non-emergency or urgent situations, DePauw recommends that students call DePauw Police at 765-658-5555. The DePauw Police Office is staffed 24/7 for student safety. Similarly, students can report bias incidents, non-urgent criminal activity, and other such concerns to DePauw Police. For urgent emergencies, such as fires, medical emergencies, and dangerous situations, students should call 911 and provide their name, location, and type of emergency. To learn more about DePauw Police, when to call 911, and your rights as a student, visit

Note: There are many other resources available to students on DePauw’s campus, and these are only ten of the most prominent (in the author’s opinion). Be sure to talk to your advisor or check out the Student Activity Fair on August 25th from 6-8 p.m. to learn more about student clubs, communities, and resources available to you!

Image of DePauw's Center for Diversity and Inclusion is courtesy of DePauw University.