TDP Post-It: Wednesday, Oct. 14


  • Two Active COVID-19 cases
  • Athletic moving to Phase Three
  • Fall weather adjustments
  • Rock painting and hot chocolate


1.Two active COVID-19 cases

As of Oct. 14, DePauw has two active COVID-19 cases on campus with seven students in quarantine. Per the DePauw COVID-19 dashboard, “Active Cases include those who have either tested positive or are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, tested for the virus, and have been moved to isolation awaiting results.” If any on-campus students feel they are displaying signs of COVID-19, call 765-658-4555 or email

2. Athletics moving to Phase Three

In an email sent by Stevie Baker-Watson, DePauw athletics have officially moved from Phase Two to Phase Three. President White approved this decision. Per Baker-Watson, “To be eligible for phase 3, teams must have completed 7-14 days in phase 2 and be observed by a member of the athletics administrative team at least twice; generally sports with high risk of viral transmission will complete the full 14 days in phase 2.” For the complete report, click here.

3. Fall changes

As seasonal changes begin to take effect, DePauw students will have to adjust from summer weather to fall weather. Tent classes will likely be moved to an indoor location, or online. Dr. Harsha, DePauw’s Health and Medical Director, anticipates influenza numbers could drop from last year if students and faculty follow the CDC’s guidelines to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. For more information, check out Kaitlynn Frank’s story here.  

4. Rock Painting with Hot Chocolate

On-campus students are invited to Bowman Park for rock painting and hot chocolate served on Oct.17 at 3 p.m. Per DePauw’s campus labs, “We invite all students to come paint rocks and enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies while doing so! This event is great to do by yourself, with a partner, or with a small group of friends.” Masks and social distancing are required. For more information, click here or contact