TDP Post-It: Sunday, Oct. 4


1. Approaching voter registration deadlines.

In an email sent last week, president White sent an email to students urging them to register to vote. White’s email provided students with a link to register for an absentee ballot, here. In her email she also directed students to a website that has all of the information, by state, on how to register to vote, vote early, or by mail. 

As a reminder, tomorrow is the last day that Indiana and Ohio residents can register to vote. If you are an Indiana resident who has yet to register, you can register online here. If you are an Ohio resident, you can register online here.

Wednesday, Oct. 7 is the last day that Missouri residents can register to vote. If you are a Missouri resident, you can register online here.

2. Compton Lecture Series Continue

On Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. EST, students can virtually attend The Compton Lecture Series: The history, present, and future of the Black Liberation struggle in the U.S. Interested students can RSVP and find out more information on Campus Labs. 

3. Virtual Indy Pride Career Fair

This year, students can virtually attend the Indy Pride Career Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 11 am EST. Presented by Geico Careers, students will be given scheduled one-on-one interviews with a selection of companies that focus on fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

4. Spring 2021 Ethics Reading Courses Announced

Prindle is offering a quarter-credit reading course this spring for students who are interested in enhancing their understanding of ethics by examining a single work with their class. Course details and summaries are available on Prindle’s website. Students can register for these on Eservices, like any other course.