TDP Post-It Sun. Sept 6


1. DePauw Police reminds students to lock vehicles 

In an email sent to students on Friday afternoon, Charlene Shrewsbury, the director of public safety, reminded students to take vehicle safety precautions. Advising students to check that their vehicle is secure and that property is not visible from the outside, and reminded students not to leave their keys inside of the vehicle.

The email was prompted after  DePauw Police received multiple reports of entry into unlocked vehicles as well as thefts of personal property from some of these vehicles parked in University lots as well as the private lots of Fraternities and Sororities. 

Shrewsburry encouraged students to check their vehicles and call DePauw police if there is any missing property. You can contact DePauw Police at 765-658-5555 if you have anything to report or any additional information to share. 

2. Updated Tobacco Policy 

In compliance with 2019 legislation known as Tobacco21, DePauw reminds students that any tobacco, nicotine vapor, or alternative tobacco product may not be sold to, distributed to, purchased for or permit the purchase of to anyone under the age of 21. In an email to students, Vice President Hill reminds students that anyone under the age of 21 may not be in possession of these products, and these products are not permitted inside of university owned buildings. 

Prohibited products include but are not limited to any product made of tobacco including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, bidis and wrappings, electronic cigarette, electronic cigar, electronic cigarillo, electronic pipe or similar product and any cartridge of nicotine in solution or other form, including JUUL and similar products. 

3. 2020 Compton lecture series: The history, present, and future of the Black Liberation struggle in the U.S. to begin on Sept. 9

This three part lecture series will feature leaders and organizers for Black liberation. According to the website, this series will “delve deeper into the strategic, tactical, political, and ideological complexities of the movement, present different ways of getting involved, and generally provide a deeper and broader contextualization of what is dominantly known as the Black Lives Matter movement.” 

The first event on Sept. 9 will focus on Black organizers in Indianapolis, featuring Kyra Harvey and Leah Derray from Indy10 BLM, and Chris Dilworth and Timi Aderinwale from ANSWER Coalition of Indiana. 

Students interested in attending this virtual lecture series can find more information and RSVP on Campus Labs.