TDP Post-It: Monday, Sept. 28


  1. COVID-19 Dashboard and Crime Log Update 

As of Monday, Sept. 28, at noon, there are seven active COVID-19 cases on DePauw University’s campus, and56 people in quarantine. As of Friday, Sept. 25, there were 10 students in isolation and 66 in quarantine.  

Over the weekend, the Crime and Fire Log reported 22 number of reports including, alcohol and drug violations, public indecency in front of East College, fire alarms, and noise complaints. 

2. Student Advisory Board Looking For Students to Serve 

The Student Advisory Board is looking for 4 students to serve on the Student Life Board this semester. 

The Student Advisory Board  will be reviewing material that will be presented to the DSG President of Student Life and the Senate Assembly. They will  also ensure that prospective student organizations and clubs don’t overlap with other scheduled organizations and clubs. In addition to planning and reviewing material, this board  will also  confirm that there is no great risk associated with those organizations and clubs, and guarantee the organizations and clubs meet the requirements of DePauw University Student Government.

3. Global Fair Happening This Week

Between Monday, Sept. 28 and Wednesday, Sept. 30, students can attend the  Global Fair to learn about dozens of off-campus study programs. This event will be held virtually and students can register on CampusLabs.