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Beyond the Bubble: My work with Just Hope in Nicaragua

Junior Lexy Burton plays soccer with group of male students at a school located in Charaseca, Nicaragua. LEXY BURTON / THE DEPAUW ...

Beyond the Bubble: The London School of Economics

Summers away from DePauw are full of potential for new adventures, new experiences and much needed time to recharge. While I do have...

EDITORIAL: Cheers, tears, and jeers for 2014-2015

Cheers to the Day of Inclusion Jeers to the lack of follow-up Tears to seniors graduating   Cheers to men’s...

OPINION: My time is up

Cosby is a senior history major from  Memphis, Tennessee. These past four years have been quite the journey, to say the...

OPINION: Ethical responsibilities of DePauw graduates

Hanebutt is a senior Prindle Intern from  Huntington, Indiana.  As a member of the graduating class (yes I said it) and...

Editorial Cartoon


OPINION: The idea of kegs returning to DePauw is improbable

Jackson Mote is a junior French major from Indianapolis. CHRISTA SCHRODEL / THE DEPAUW  Kegs could be brought back but it...

EDITORIAL: Bud Light perpetuates rape culture with latest slogan on bottles

On a campus where partying is quite prevalent, it would be expected that there are DePauw University students that have reached for a Bud...

OPINION: Are legal study drugs still an ethical issue?

Victoria Jennings is a first-year undecided major from Rochester, Indiana. PHOTO COURTESY OF VICTORIA JENNINGS The rampant use of study drugs...