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Tigers fall to University of Redland in NCAA Tournament

The Tigers pressed almost all of their men up the but were still unable to find the game-tying goal.

Accusations of media bias reveal mixed evidence

Though Trump has claimed the media is rigged against him, he has received close to twice the amount of mentions on TV networks than Clinton

Tigers falls to Lords

DePauw entered the match as the No. 4 seed in the tournament, while the Lords came in as the first seed.

Students have option to opt out of birthday book

When a student chooses not to disclose directory information, it is a blanket decision meaning that information cannot be released for any reason.

Students forge their own path with independent majors

The option is designed to let students who are passionate about a topic or career develop a curriculum to suit them and their academic interests.

Third annual DePauw Dialogue

This year’s dialogue was different from its predecessors in multiple ways.

President McCoy addresses biased incident at faculty meeting

McCoy noted the incident and the community responses have pushed the administration to alter its communication strategy.

Public Safety adopts use of body cameras

After researching different styles, the department purchased one camera.

Lauded conservationist Carl Jones to speak at DePauw

Carl Jones, a conservationist who has lead successful efforts to save nine endangered species, will be speaking at DePauw University on October 13. Jones work...

Student Government Q & A: Talking to Student Body President Claire...

TDP: “Do you have any goals that you are hoping to meet during your presidency and vice-presidency?” Charlie Douglas : “One of the big things...