Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Coronavirus: Little For Us to Worry About, Lots of Hysteria

BY: Sheraya Smith  Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional; however, I’ve been listening to several professionals, and these are my conclusions. Coronavirus disease, more accurately...

bell hooks, Liberation, and DePauw Dialogue : part I

BY: Summer Pappachen We desperately need to ask ourselves what the purpose of DePauw Dialogue is going to be moving forward. It is clear that...

Editorial: Don’t Fall Into the Cascade: It’s Not that Deep

It’s happening with COVID-19, it happens with politics, and it happens with the environment: tragedy spurs paranoia, paranoia attracts the media, the media stirs...

Politics and Pandering

With caucuses around the nation and weekly presidential debates before the upcoming election, it is time to start paying attention to the goings-on of...

Should We Cancel Cancel Culture?

Last week at the Obama Foundation Summit, former President Barack Obama took a shot at cancel culture. He explained that cancel culture isn’t effective...

Stop listening to radical conservatives

In December 2018, The Federalist, a conservative news source, published an opinion blog by cisgender, white gay man Chad Felix Greene titled, “The Stigma...

Letter to the Editor: Making The Switch

Bon Appetit, DePauw’s catering service, made the switch to paper straws this year in an effort to reduce their plastic waste in facilities across...

I visited Paris and I’ll cry if I want to

On Monday afternoon, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France went up in flames, bringing the cathedral’s spire to the ground. The exact cause...

The So-Called Immigration Crisis

It seems as though Donald Trump has built his entire platform around fear-mongering on the topic of immigration. In the years leading up to...

Letter to the Editor: Sexual Assault at DePauw: A Renewed Call...

For years I was aware that sexual assault was a major problem on college campuses, and I was familiar with the sobering statistics regarding...