Friday, February 21, 2020
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Pop the DePauw Bubble

Do you often find yourself frustrated about on-campus issues? As college students, we worry, we’re busy, but most of all, we want change. Although...

Pulitzer winning video journalist, Ben Solomon ’10 returns to DePauw

Ben Solomon started his career as an intern for the New York Times before picking up and moving to Cairo, Egypt to report on the Arab Spring protests in 2011 as freelancer.

DePauw alum creates new college scorecard, DePauw scores high

A new college-ranking scorecard created by DePauw alum James Stewart calculates the university’s “value added.” James Stewart, a 1979 DePauw graduate and...

OPINION: Do you believe you have a moral responsibility to ‘Go...

Witwer is a junior Prindle Intern from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  PHOTO COURTESY OF  DEPAUW.EDU DePauw is reaching the end of its annual...
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Photo Opinion: What’s The Theme Song To Your Life?

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston" Emilie Prince, First-year       "Any T-Pain song" Heaven Jackson, Junior            "Boogie Wonderland from the Happy Feet soundtrack" Jasmine Cervantes, Junior  

BUST-A-FIT Ft. Baffour Darko