Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Mandatory Student-Athlete Attendance at DePauw Dialogue Met with Mixed Reviews

This year was the first-year that DePauw Dialogue was mandatory for all student-athletes. On top of the keynote-speaker in the morning, they were also...

Letter to the Editor: Bring Clarity to the Gold Commitment

Every new school year brings its own sense of excitement as we all gear up to do our work. This year is special because,...

Go for the Gold (Commitment)…if you want

Although there are requirements to participate in DePauw University’s new Gold Commitment, such as fulfilling curricular guidelines and the experience pathway, it is not...

DePauw launches new student success initiative; details “still in the process”

A new DePauw University program guarantees graduates either a job or further education if they have neither six months after graduation. News of the program,...


Art Students Seek Space, Materials and Confidence in the Era of...

As COVID-19 has moved classes online, all departments have been forced to adapt. Though a particularly unique obstacle has arisen for the art department...
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