Friday, September 20, 2019
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Academic gifts most important for The Campaign for DePauw

Last weekend, DePauw University launched its public capital campaign, The Campaign for DePauw, to raise funds for a slew of programs including building projects,...

EDITORIAL: Italy fights mafia crime with exile

Although they might just seem like old anecdotes that make for good Hollywood movies, the Italian mafia is still alive and well today. ...

EDITORIAL: Yik Yak: the good, the bad and the icky

Yik Yak, a new social media app, recently found its way onto DePauw University students’ smartphones. The app allows users to post 200...

EDITORIAL: Media coverage of high profile cases sways public opinion

On Sept. 5, a grand jury indicted Justin Ross Harris on eight different counts, three months after Justin’s left his 22-month-old son, Cooper, inside...

EDITORIAL: Scotland’s independence vote exemplifies democracy’s greatest attributes

Something incredible happened ‘across the pond’ Thursday. Under the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014, the nation of Scotland went to the polls to...

EDITORIAL: Gone but not forgotten: Learning to remember 9/11

On Thursday, our country observed the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Most of us reading this can remember where we were the...

EDITORIAL: Workout for the right reason

DePauw University has a slew of great places for students to work out. We can take walks or go for runs in the Nature...

Editorial: Is there an answer in Ferguson?

  Earlier this summer, two friends from Ferguson, Missouri, a northern munincipality in St. Louis, were walking home in the middle of the...
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Fall Sports Preview: Volleyball

Following a third straight season going to the national championship, head volleyball coach Deb Zellers is optimistic her team can repeat their success and...

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