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QUIZ: What should you wear for tailgating?

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what you should be wearing to tailgates! Mostly A’s: The classic tailgater: Because you love classic looks, you’re...

Outdoor destinations near campus

Outdoor enthusiasts do not need to travel far to satisfy their hiking or camping needs with four state parks within an approximate 50-mile radius...

Eat local, visit Taco Wapo

Taco Wapo is bringing a twist to Greencastle’s selection of Mexican-style cuisine. “It’s like Greencastle’s version of Chipotle,” said senior Maddie Harms. Students won’t have...

Be proud, be you.

Hello there! If you’re reading this, it is probably safe to assume that you are a student or faculty member at DePauw University, or...

Tips for Effective Studying

Fall season might not be in the air, but the fall semester leads students into the upcoming school year this week. First-years and returning...

Your 2018-2019 Horoscopes

  At the start of a new school year, it is only appropriate that we start our journey by looking into what the Universe suggests...

10 Things to Know About Freshman Year

Don’t skip class unless you absolutely have to. Even if you’re an independent learner, going to class is a must in college. Forget...

And We Back: The First Day Fit

Do you remember when you were in high school and middle school, and you would prepare that outfit for the first day of classes?...

Summer (film) Lovin’

Hi, it is so nice to meet you all! My name is Emma and I’m going to be taking over The Female Gaze column...

Back to School: Parking at DePauw University

Although it is not necessary to bring a car to DePauw University, all students are permitted to register a vehicle and park it on...