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Can doulas do it?: Preventing medical racism in the birthing process

DePauw’s Professor Angela Castañeda, PhD and Vivienne Edwards ‘24 worked jointly on a project, researching obstetric violence and doula care in Indiana. They especially...

The US Invasion of Grenada: 40 Years Later

On October 25, DePauw’s Watson Forum became a hub of intellectual exchange and stimulating discussion as a panel convened to dissect the historical event...

Faculty Influences DePauw’s Rank as the 35th Best Liberal Arts Institution

Senior Sophie Hensley said the sole reason she decided to choose anthropology as her major was because of the impact professor Clark Sage had...

Professor of the Week: Anthropology professor Angela Castañeda

Professor of the Week Angela Castañeda teaches one of her anthropology classes. PHOTO COURTESY OF DEPAUW UNIVERSITY Angela Castañeda, Associate Professor...