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Trees felled for Hoover Hall find second life

This wood is currently available to students, carpenters, woodworkers and artists of the DePauw Community.

ATO members removed from chapter house due to structural damage

On Tuesday evening 56 members of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity were asked to gather up their belongings and relocate for the remainder...

DePauw Health Services offers Eating Disorder Screening

Forty percent of newly identified cases of anorexia are in girls 15-19 in each decade since 1930 and incidence of bulimia in...

The Satterlee, Northrop and Mote Family Tiger Sculpture to be commemorated...

The Satterlee, Northrop and Mote Family Tiger Sculpture embodies the pride and loyalty of DePauw students and alumni. It will be dedicated...

Alcohol violations increase, administration unconcerned

The DePauw University’s Activity Report and Clery daily log states that 12 alcohol violations have been reported since the first-year class moved into South...

Campus Wi-Fi gets a facelift

Last year the number of client devices in the DePauw community outgrew the capacity of our campus Wi-Fi's capabilities. At the end of the...