T-shirts damage inclusiveness


Since I graduated in 2009, I have been very happy to hear how progressive DePauw has been on many fronts to promote an open-minded campus atmosphere with Dr. Casey leading the charge in such a short time. I recently heard that we now have a dedicated center for LGBTQ services and as a proud gay alumnus, I sincerely applaud DePauw for those efforts.

Unfortunately, I am dismayed by news about a shirt that is potentially circulating around campus with homophobic undertones referencing our current quarterback Drew Seaman for the Monon game. Having witnessed a similar shirt involving Spud Dick not even 3 years ago, I ask “how are we back here again?”

I will keep this brief, but it is my hope that the student body would be more mindful that such a message only reinforces a negative sentiment that is damaging to the inclusiveness and progressive environment that DePauw supports, particularly to the LGBTQ community. I am in complete support of witty slogans to make fun of Wabash, but not at the cost of further stigmatizing the LGBTQ community so I ask for all students to heavily side against the endorsement of this shirt.