On Nov. 7, the Sustainability Leadership Program (SLP) held its Harvest Festival at the Ullem Campus Farm to join communities, celebrate, and express gratitude for a successful harvest. Attendees bonded over a home-cooked and farm-sourced dinner, cultural education, and fun activities. 

Image credit: Moe Kikuchi

Using the pumpkins grown by the farm interns and hands, some SLP students prepared pumpkin stew and muffins. Event coordinator and host Thao Le ‘26 made the salad and prepared ingredients for the soup. According to Le, “[T]he food, made from freshly harvested ingredients, was particularly well-received for its freshness and delicious flavors.”

While the event aimed to educate attendees about harvest festivals around the world, the SLP Harvest Fest united students, who engaged in meaningful discussions and grew their knowledge and appreciation for agricultural achievements. 

Image credit: Moe Kikuchi

Furthermore, students paired learning with activities such as pumpkin painting, chatting around a campfire, and making s’mores. The relaxed atmosphere allowed students to take a break and enjoy each other’s company. 

The festival had an “incredibly positive” outcome and welcomed more attendees than anticipated, according to Le. Students interested in learning more about and getting involved with the Sustainability Leadership Program can fill out this form and follow their Instagram.