Support athletes in tailgates and stadiums


This weekend is a big one for the DePauw community. Freshmen are finally going to get to experience greek life, without getting in trouble. Workloads are starting to pick up, and we all need a break.

And let us not forget that this weekend is the first of only three home games for the DePauw football team.  

Following three straight bus trips, lots of ups and downs, and a 1-2 record, the Tigers will welcome the Centre College Colonels to Blackstock Stadium. Last time they visited Greencastle, the Centre football team upset the favored home team. Regardless of records, previous match-ups, etc. it promises to be a good game with an exciting atmosphere. 

Let's face the facts. There is not a whole lot to do on a Saturday afternoon unless you feel like leaving campus. With this weekend being Family Weekend, why not give them a chance to relive their college days. Head up to Blackstock a little early. Tailgate with the rest of the students and have a good time, but most importantly make sure that you make it through the gates. Admission is free, so there is really no reason not to come. 

Upperclassmen, Monon is not the only reason to come to a football game. The great part about our campus is that we know a lot about each other. This includes what sports we play. Come out and support your friends.  

Many people make it to the parking lot, but that number dwindles significantly before fans enter Blackstock. As a player, I can tell you from experience that it makes a difference when we know we have the fans behind us, both figuratively and literally. Some students made the trip to the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and that was great. When we headed to Pennsylvania and Tennessee it was a select group of parents that made the trip. 

There isn't much time to get to know the 2011 team with only three home games, so come out and have a good time. Learn the DePauw traditions involving football. Stay after the game and talk to the players on the track. After a victory, stay and listen to the team sing the fight song. 

A new season brings new opportunities for both the players and the fans. Remember you are not just supporting the football team. You are supporting the university you worked so hard to earn admittance into, the Tiger cheerleaders and the Tiger Pep Band. And who could forget the Tiger girls?

The football team has 10 goals going into every game. This weekend, our fans should have only one: making Centre College leave Greencastle with a newfound respect for DePauw University. Make them wish their fans were more like ours, make them wish their student body was behind their athletic programs as you are behind DePauw's

Other sports teams competing this weekend, I wish you luck. Students, don't forget that if you are looking to do something before the game, volleyball will be hosting Wooster College at 11 a.m. and field hockey will be hosting Denison University on the field west of Blackstock Stadium at the same time.

— Brown is a senior from Poway, Calif. majoring in communications. He is a captain of the football team.