Students of all sexualities show support for LGBT students


Eleven models paraded across the stage in an array of tutus, wigs, platform heels and penciled-in facial hair.
LGBT services organized "Paparazzi: A Queer Fashion Show," a free event, in the Peeler Auditorium on Friday night, March 8. The goal of the fashion show was to express DePauw student sexuality and individuality in a campus-wide event. Male and female models performed for a full house, and each student displayed two different outfits of his or her choice. Participants combined elements of masculinity, femininity and androgyny.
"I think it's a good idea to have events like this to show that students shouldn't be afraid to express themselves the way they want to," sophomore model Taylor Truster said. "I think a change might be coming."
Each student also composed an outfit description, giving the audience ample insight on each outfit. One of Truster's outfits consisted of a gray men's sweater, a women's belt, rolled up jeans and black and white lace-up heels. He derived his inspiration from gender bending.
Junior Tiffany Tran performed in the fashion show identified as a feminist, wearing a T-shirt that read "THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE" and purple jeans.
"I chose to model this look because I am never afraid to beeen as a feminist, regardless of the stigma it may carry," announced junior Annelise Delcambre, the LGBT intern and event curator, as Tran modeled.
According to Delcambre, whose primary job is to provide support, education and advocacy for LGBT students, the crowd consisted of students of all sexual identities, including students who identified themselves as straight.
"This is not an isolated community, and everyone was welcome to participate," Tran said. "I've never been in a fashion show before, but I liked what this one stood for, so I thought it'd be a great experience."
Iesha Brooks, freshman, sported a gender bending look she called "Frankie Gunetta". Brooks dressed in male clothing and drew on her facial hair.
"I like the looks on people's face when they try to determine whether I am a girl or a boy," Brooks said in her outfit description.
Several music videos played throughout the show highlighting gender fluidity and sexuality. Artists included Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce.
"I really enjoyed the show - I think it was very intimate and casual," freshman Anika Green, a spectator said. "People are open to this idea, and not every one is going to judge or discriminate. That is what the student support at the show tonight showed the LGBT community."