Ste-A-m Week at DePauw

Ste-A-m Week planetarium located inside the GCPA

DePauw Theatre, the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Women’s Center co-hosted Ste-A-m Week from November 11 to 21 to “celebrate the Arts in STEM.” A series of events were held on campus free of charge and open to the public during this week.

Director of The Women’s Center Sarah Ryan expressed her excitement for the events and gratitude for her college: “Susan Anthony really did all the work. I am impressed by her ability to gather people around campus to pull up such an amazing series of events.” 

When asked about the making of Silent Sky, Ryan said, “The play is based on a true story about women astronomers in the 19th century, but the matter is still relevant today. That’s why I’m so looking forward to watching it this weekend. I hope other students and faculty will also enjoy it.”

The week began with Dr. Mary Kertzman’s talk on “The Stars, the Women, and the Science of Silent Sky” last Thursday, November 11. Her speech was about how women scientists challenged the social prejudices against working females and changed the field of astronomy. 

Kertzman’s talk was followed by a showing of the movie “Hidden Figures” at the Pulliam Center on Monday, November 15, and the “Resources for Women and Other Underrepresented Students in Science'' student lunch at Julian Science Center on Tuesday, November 16. On Wednesday, Nov. 17, an exhibition featuring a pop-up planetarium, geoscience, and astronomy photos were hosted at the Great Hall in the GCPA.

First-year Jade Karas said, “I really enjoyed the pop-up planetarium! It was the highlight of my elementary school experience and seeing it in college and getting to experience it was even more enjoyable since I know more about astronomy.” Freshman Truc Nguyen is also excited to watch Silent Sky this weekend, “It not only helps me destress but also learns something new about astronomy and female scientists.”

The pinnacle of Ste-A-m week was “Silent Sky,” a play by Lauren Gunderson about the achievements of three historical female astronomers at Havard and how they fought against the gender roles at the time. Performances was held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and at 3 p.m. on Sunday at Moore Theater inside the GCPA. More information about the show can be found here

Greencastle’s McKim Observatory was open to the public from 7 to 9 p.m. from Thursday, Nov. 18 to Saturday, Nov. 20. 

A full schedule of Ste-A-m Week can be found here.